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We grant immediate pawn loans through the pledging of movable property such as jewellery, gold, watches, precious stones, coins, artworks, antiques, etc.

You bring us an object of value as security for the pawn loan. As soon as the loan has been repaid, we will return the pledged item to you, which we keep in a safe place in the meantime. Apart from that, we do not need any further securities such as a salary statement or a credit check.

Company owner Robert Bargello has many years of expertise as a jeweler and can therefore offer you a free, fair and 100% reliable valuation (appraisal) of your valuables.

your advantages at Bargello Pfand GmbH:
100 % reliable and fair


For many people it is not easy to pawn valuables because of their often high inhibition threshold and for the fact that unfortunately there are also untrustworthy pawn shops. With us, however, you can be sure that we will advise you 100% reliably and offer you attractive and fair conditions.


We are recognized experts in jewellery, watches and luxury goods and at the same time one of the most famous jewelers in Baden near Vienna with a long list of very satisfied regular customers at home and abroad.

In October 2020, Juwelier Bargello was voted "Public Star" in the "Premium Jeweler of the Year" category as part of the public voting for the Schmuckstars Awards, the largest Austrian award in the watch and jewellery industry. This award alone confirms the high level of satisfaction of our customers in an impressive way.


We would be very happy if we could count you among our customers in the future!

How the Bargello pawn loan works

Receive cash immediately in return for a deposit as security

You will receive cash from us quickly and easily at fair and attractive conditions.

To secure the loan, you give us a pledged item such as a watch, jewellery, coins, etc., which we will keep safe until the loan is repaid and which will remain your property.

In return, you will receive a pawn certificate (the loan agreement) and the agreed pawn loan as an immediate cash payment. This process is called lending.

You can pledge the following items with us 

We grant loans primarily for high-quality watches (wristwatches, pocket watches, grandfather clocks), new or vintage jewellery made of precious metal (chains, earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches), gold, dental gold, broken gold, silver, platinum, other precious metals, coins, precious stones, table silver, works of art or ornaments made of precious metal, etc.  

Please contact us in advance if you want to pledge other items than those already listed.

How much money do you get for your deposit and what are the costs?

From small loans of a few hundred Euros to larger amounts, everything is possible. The amount of the loan depends on the pledged item and the value of which is estimated by us. The maximum loan amount is always slightly lower than the estimated value in order to take into account any costs in the event of a necessary utilization of the pledge in the event of non-repayment.

The cost of a pawn loan consists of interest and various fees or expenses. The loan interest is 1,50% per half-month. In addition, various fees such as the issuing fee, manipulation fee, court fee and reimbursement of expenses are due. Additional fees apply in certain cases. You can find a detailed overview in our Rules of Procedure.

Release (repayment): This is how you get your deposit back from us


We will arrange a deadline with you at which you are to repay us the pawn loan including interest, expenses and fees. This date is the so-called expiry date, which is entered in the pawn certificate. Early repayment is of course also possible.

If you cannot repay the amount on the agreed date, then in many cases it is also possible to extend the term of the deposit and issue a new pawn certificate.

As soon as you have paid back the pawn loan on presentation of the pawn certificate, you will receive your deposit back from us.

What happens if the pawn loan is not repaid on time?


If you notice that you cannot repay the pawn loan on time, please contact us. We always endeavor to find a solution that is satisfactory for our customers in these cases, such as a possible extension of the loan (prolongation). 

However, if the pawn loan is not paid back by the expiry date noted on the pawn certificate, the pledge is forfeited.

Which documents do we need from you for a pawn loan?


For a pawn loan, we only need a valid photo ID and the item that you want to pledge.

Apart from that, we do not require any further information such as a salary statement or a credit check. We estimate (appraise) the value of the item and pay you the loan amount immediately.

Please note that a pawn loan to minors is not possible.

The possible duration of a Bargello pawn loan


The possible duration of a Bargello pawn loan can usually be from 2 weeks to 4 months. Together with you, we will determine the most suitable time period for your pawn loan.

Exemplary calculation of the total costs


You will receive € 1.000 for a loaned item of jewellery with a one time issuing fee of € 7,20. Duration: 1 month. Loan interest 1,5% per half-month (= € 30,00). Manipulation fee 0,75% per half-month (= € 15). Place fee € 2,90. Withdrawal fee € 1,40. Repayment after one month: € 1,056.50.

Do you have any questions?
Please contact us!

We will be happy to answer your questions at any time during our business hours.

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Email address: robert(at)

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You can view our terms and conditions here: Rules of Procedure

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